What people are saying about our Music Together® classes!


One of our Music Together parents has written a wonderful story about her personal experiences with music and how Music Together has impacted her son's life and her family's life. Read her story.

My kids (4yrs and 2yrs) have always loved music. Joining Tiny Voices has elevated that to a whole new level. Not a day goes by without one or both of them breaking into song, echoing tonal patterns and chants we did in class, dancing, and making up new songs. I love watching the focus and pure joy on their faces as they do this. The confidence and lack of musical inhibition they have demonstrated since we have been part of Tiny Voices is amazing. Of course, none of this would be possible without Miss Lisa's leadership. We have taken our fair share of classes (musical and other) and we have never had an instructor as wonderful as Miss Lisa. She is so warm, welcoming, and fun. She is a fabulous teacher. Miss Lisa is very talented in her own right and to be able to share that with children (and their parents) in a way they can relate to, be excited by, and learn from is amazing. We are so glad to have found Miss Lisa and Tiny Voices and look forward to continuing our musical journey with her and this great program.

Kristin S.

Since beginning the Music Together program with my infant son, I have constantly been impressed with his growth in a few short months. Coming from a background in education I have always been aware how music is essential for development but watching my little guy grow socially, rhythmically, and musically has been a joy. He enjoys going to class, watches his teacher, Miss Lisa, intently especially when she plays her guitar, and we often find him drumming on any object he can get his hands on throughout the house. The CDs are a great learning tool, too, and we use them daily in the car and during playtime at home. Overall, Music Together has allowed my son's musical ability to grow as he himself grows.

Toni B.

I was first introduced to music together 4 1/2 years ago when I attended a class with my oldest daughter who had just turned 1 at that time. It was a wonderful experience for her and I as together we sang, played, and began to develop a deeper and more meaningful appreciation for music education. Our experiences led me to continue along this journey with my younger daughter as well with Miss Lisa. She does such a wonderful job of providing children with authentic experiences that nurture their own “tiny voices.” Our family appreciates Miss Lisa’s devotion to her students, and together we enjoy having fun during class, while actively participating in music making experiences, which undoubtedly deepen our understanding of musical development and competence.

Brooke Metzger

My daughter Julia and I were introduced to Music Together when we lived in Zurich, Switzerland. We participated in class there for a year before moving back to the US. I thought very highly of the program which is why I sought it out in Middletown. Miss Lisa takes the program to a whole new level. She has so much passion for music and the benefits of music for small children. She makes the class fun for both the parent and child. Her passion and dedication make her program the best music class we have attended.

Christine Rand

My granddaughter was 14 months old when we started our Music Together classes. Now, at nearly two, at home and in the car, she sings bits of the songs we do in class and gets the adults in her life to sing right along with her. She claps, jumps and stomps to beats. As a piano teacher, I am thrilled to see a sense of beat develop in a child so young and I look forward to watching her grow musically with the skills she is acquiring in a playful, joyous way thanks to the Music Together program with Miss Lisa. Hearing my granddaughter sing "Hello Everybody" is priceless!

Shelley Stack

My daughter and I have been a part of Music Together for over a year. We really enjoy the class with Miss Lisa. My daughter has come out of her shell and loves to participate in class, especially playing with the instruments, scarves and parachute. We sing along and dance to the Music Together CDs at home and that gets her excited when she hears the songs in class. Miss Lisa always has a smile on her face and she is fun and patient. She is really in tune with the children in their varying stages of their musical and emotional development. As a musician myself, I truly appreciate what Miss Lisa brings to the class.

Cantor Marnie Camhi

Music has been a vital part of life for my husband and myself, and we wanted the same for our daughter. Knowing that music can inspire creativity, spark emotion, and nurture the soul, I went on a search for a children's music program. That's when I found Music Together with Miss Lisa. We have been bringing Mariella to her classes for over a year and she LOVES it. Miss Lisa has given her the opportunity to experience music from all over the world. Each week, Mariella develops her physical, emotional, cognitive, and social pathways through music. She gets to spend time with other children, as well as her grand-parents who take her to classes. Every Thursday I ask her what she did that day and she responds, "I went to 'moosic' class. I saw Miss Lisa and we shut the lights. We played the instruments." I know that Miss Lisa has helped to foster Mariella's love for music in a huge way. We even play the CD from class and Mariella says that Miss Lisa sings that song or she asks us to play Miss Lisa's music. I recommend this class to any parent who wants to incorporate music into their child's life.

The Francisco Family

I am a firm believer in introducing the arts at an early age. Music together with Miss Lisa does a great job of this, and is, both, fun and educational for me as well as my toddler. It is truly a great experience to watch him grow musically and I know it is something that he will take with him throuout life.

Elena Lanza

We have been attending Music Together classes since my son Jack has been 4 months old. I have watched his love for music blossom. Jack and I thoroughly enjoy the classes and he loves his teacher Miss Lisa. We love to move and dance in class and Jack really loves all the different instruments he gets to play with. We enjoy singing the songs at home and listening to the CD in the car. I have learned a lot of different ways to share music with my son. This has been a wonderful experience for both of us.

Susan Sabados

The best gift I ever gave my daughter was “Music Together”. After attending two semesters of Music Together with Ms. Lisa Hearns, Emma turned into a musically aware toddler who sings to herself, to us, and to her dolls. She recognizes melodies heard and sung in Ms. Lisa’s class and she makes up her own songs at age three. Ms. Lisa or Teacher Lisa, as Emma likes to call her, is a remarkable, talented musician who believes in the power and the benefits of music and she shares just that: the passion and knowledge with her blossoming generation of music lovers, our children. Thank you Ms. Lisa!

Nina and Emma Fanetti