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Nov 29, 2018
Jingle Jam 2 Week Session

Tiny Voices Little Songs is excited to announce Jingle Jam!

A short one or two week class experience.
Sing, dance, drum and enjoy holiday songs with Miss Lisa! 

Wednesdays  Thursdays  Fridays  Saturdays          

Register now and receive a free tote bag when you join! We are offering Wednesday at 10:15 AM, Thursday at 10:45 AM, Friday 4:30 PM (one week only) Saturday 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM!

New families save $10 when you use coupon code:


Nov 07, 2018
The End of Fall Term...

The end of the semester is upon us!  This is the last week of Mixed Ages classes this Fall! We hope you've enjoyed learning songs from the Fiddle Collection, but remember....children need continuous nurturing in order to continue to develop musically! We want you to get the most out of your Music Together® experience and that means continuing to provide your little ones with the types of rich musical experiences they get in our classes.  Please schedule a makeup or a bonus class by using the online makeup scheduler!  Even if you don't have any classes to make up we want to be sure you attend your regularly scheduled class right to the end.  There are several classes which are smaller and have more room, which we've labeled as Bonus classes below.  You're welcome to schedule to come to a bonus class even if you've already made up all your classes, as long as there's room, so use the makeup scheduler and find a class!

Thursday, 10:45 AM Morganville (FREE BONUS) Nov. 29th
Friday, 10:15 AM Matawan (FREE BONUS) Nov. 30th
Friday, 6:15 PM Sayreville (FREE BONUS) Nov. 30th
Saturday, 10:15 AM Morganville (Makeups Only)  Dec. 1st
Saturday 10:00 AM Matawan (Makeups Only) Dec. 1st
Saturday 11:00 AM Matawan (Makeups Only) Dec. 1st (one seat)
Saturday, 9:15 AM Metuchen (Makeups Only) Dec. 1st (two seats)
Saturday, 10:15 AM Metuchen (Makeups Only) Dec. 1st (one seat)
Saturday, 11:15 AM Metuchen (Makeups Only) Dec. 1st (two seats)
Rhythm Kids Classes (10 Week Fall Program for children from age 5-8)
Monday, 4:30 PM Morganville (FREE BONUS) Nov. 26th (Week 9)
Wednesday, 4:45 PM Matawan (FREE BONUS) Nov. 28th (Week 8)
Monday, 4:30 PM Morganville (FREE BONUS) Dec. 3rd (Week 10)
Wednesday, 4:45 PM Matawan (FREE BONUS) Dec. 5th (Week 9)
Wednesday, 4:45 PM Matawan (FREE BONUS) Dec. 12th (Week 10)
Nov 05, 2018
Rhythm Kids Classes

Our Rhythm Kids classes have been rolling along, and we've got a few more weeks left of singing and drumming to songs from the Alligator Collection! Please schedule to attend if you'd like to sample the class with your big kid (aged 5-8) or if you're enrolled and would like a FREE extra class or need a makeup!

Mondays 4:30 PM Morganville Rhythm Kids *Nov. 26th, & *Dec. 3rd (*Final Classes)
Wednesdays 4:45 PM Matawan Rhythm Kids Nov 28th, *Dec. 5th, *Dec. 12th (*Final Classes)
Winter Rhythm Kids classes will begin in January, 2019.  Please stay tuned for schedule updates.
Gift Certificates Available

Purchase a gift certificate in any amount!  Our music classes bring so much joy and will enrich your family's life, long after the holidays! Gift Certificates are a great choice for holidays or special occasions.


Aug 18, 2017
Tiny Voices Big Love For Charity

Families I'm excited to share this news! Many of you know that Tiny Voices Music Together's mission is to make the world a better place by making it more musical. To do this, my company is committed to serving as many families as we can in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties with the highest quality music and movement program we can provide.  Since opening our doors in 2012, we have also provided scholarship assistance and made significant effort to raise money for various charities through musical events and concerts.

Charitable giving has always been an important part of my core values as a human being, and so it makes sense to extend this principle to my company's core values as well.  Therefore, beginning this fall we are going to donate $5 from every new family registration fee to charity.  

You might have missed my poll on our Tiny Voices Big Love community Facebook page, asking for our family's favorite charities.  If you haven't joined us there yet, please send me a friend request so we can connect, and feel free to request membership.  I'm happy to add you, and would love to hear from you about your favorite charity!

We'll be publishng a list online, as well as sharing which charity will be the beneficiary of these donations each semester, so please do chime in and let us know what you think!


~Miss Lisa

Sample a Class

Families are welcome to sample a class to see what Music Together is like, and get a sense about the location and teacher! You can find a class and sign up here. If you like it, you're welcome to sign up to join us for the semester.  You can also join our mailing list for more information about semester registrations!  New families who attend a sample class can save $10 on the semester tuition, and pick up a FREE digital download card.  Refer a new family and you can each receive $10 off Fall, Winter or Spring semester when you both enroll for that semester, or $5 off Summer tuition.