Tuition and Policies

Tuition: Fall 2019 program tuition for Mixed Ages and Babies Classes is $230 for the first registered child, with a reduced tuition of $135 for the second enrolled child, and $0 for third children.  Infant siblings (under 8 months at time of registration) can attend for FREE with any enrolled sibling, but must be registered.  Tuition covers the 11 week program (9 weeks of paid classes and 2 free bonus/makeup classes).  Families who wish to attend Mixed Ages classes twice per week can register for two separate classes, and will be charged a reduced tuition for the second class of $90. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis and confirmed once payment has been received. Please be aware that some classes are very popular; families can register and pay for a class that is Full and be added to our Waitlist for the class of their choice, and may be confirmed over a family who has registered for a class but not yet paid their tuition by any registration deadlines set forth by our center. We suggest always selecting a second choice class when registering for a semester.

All class schedules will be updated closer to our start date to reflect classes that may be full or not running, should enrollment be too low for certain classes, or too full to accept new registrations. Waitlist enrollment is accepted, but families who enter classes as "Waitlist" should also select a second choice class.

Summer 2019 program tuition for Mixed Ages and Babies Classes is $140 for the first child, and $75 for the second child. Tuition covers the 6 week program (5 weeks of paid classes and 1 free bonus class).  Families with flexibility are welcome to schedule makeups using our online makeup scheduler for any missed classes, and are encouraged to attend the final class in the sixth week as a FREE Bonus class! Families who wish to attend Mixed Ages classes twice per week can register for two separate classes, and will be charged a reduced tuition for the second class of $90.

Summer Rhythm Kids camp will run for 5 consecutive days and will be offered two times this Summer!  Rhythm Kids is a separate program from Mixed Ages and Babies classes, with materials that are unique to that program.  We are offering all families who are new to this program a special tuition deal which includes a drum.

Summer Rhythm Kids Camp Tuition is $250 and includes a djembe drum and the new family registration fee. Rhythm Kids Camp Tuition for the second enrolled child is $130 and includes a drum.  Returning Rhythm Kids tuition (without the drum) for the first child is $150, and $90 for the second enrolled child.  All children may be accompanied by any number of adult caregivers. Rhythm Kids camp is 2 hours per day, for 5 consecutive days and includes music time, craft and snack time.

New Family Registration Fee: There is a one time (non-refundable) $20 registration fee for all families new to Tiny Voices Little Songs. Please note that this registration fee applies to any family who is new to Tiny Voices Little Songs. It is a $20 one time fee you pay in the first semester when you enroll specifically at Tiny Voices Little Songs.

Military Discount: For families who have a primary care giver on active duty in the military we will deduct $20 off tuition for one child.

Tuition Includes:

  • Weekly classes
  • A professionally recorded CD with the semester's music from the current collection
  • Special download code for the Family Music Zone where you can download the semester's music from Music Together®, LLC, find activity suggestions and other fun extra features
  • A beautifully illustrated color songbook
  • New families receive an introductory guide.
  • All families may use our flexible makeup scheduler.
  • Two free bonus/makeup classes, which follow the last paid week of the semester
  • Paid drop-ins ($15 per child) may be scheduled for older siblings who are not enrolled in a current semester. (Up to 3 per semester.)

Tuition Policies:

  • Refunds are not available after the first class.
  • Families may join a semester late and receive a pro-rated tuition discount of up to the equivalent of two weeks if they are joining after week 3.
  • When a family joins late we ask that they use the online makeup scheduler to make up missed classes.
  • Registration is confirmed once payment has been received. 
  • There is a $25 fee for returned checks/payments.

Make-Ups: Families with flexibility are free to make up classes on alternate days or at alternate Tiny Voices locations, provided space is available.  We encourage currently enrolled families to schedule make-ups online.  All classes with available space are listed online.  You are encouraged to attend the full 11 week program regardless of whether or not you have any classes to make up.  You can think of the last two classes of the semester as your "Bonus Classes" even if you've attended every week, or been able to double up and makeup missed classes on an alternate class day.

Class Age Guidelines:

Babies (Infants Only) Classes are for families with infants from birth to 8 months at the time of registration. The Babies Class cannot be repeated, and is geared to families who want to learn as much as possible about music development in babies. Once you have completed the one semester Babies Class the Mixed Ages class is the next appropriate class option to take. Families that would like to bring their baby and children older than 8 months at the time of registration should register for the Mixed Ages class.

Mixed Ages Classes are for families with children from birth through age five. Families with a toddler and a new baby (under 8 months) can enroll the toddler for the Mixed Ages class, and the Baby for the Babies Class and attend two different classes per week. In this situation the full tuition will be charged for the first child, and the "Sibling rate" tuition will be charged for the second child.

In Mixed Ages and Babies classes any number of adult caregivers can attend with enrolled children.

Rhythm Kids Level 1 Classes are for children that are 4 and 5 years of age.  

Rhythm Kids Level 2 Classes are for children from Kindergarten through Grade 2.

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